Intertek's experts can help your company with the entire process of nominating chemical substances in the Taiwan market.

Currently, there are discussions pertaining to a proposed change to the amendments of Taiwan's Toxic Chemical Substances Control Act (TCSCA). This new clause would give exporters to the country the right to appoint a third party organisation, to assume its responsibilities for the registration of substances. This will be similar to an only representative (OR) under REACH. Contrary to original opinion, there has been discussion that the bill is expected to be adopted by December and the registration provisions will take effect one year after the bill's promulgation.

Under these new provisions, penalties for failing to register a substance will be significant. In addition to hefty fines, offenders will be mandated to register the substance within a specific time frame. Offenders that do not meet these requirements may be ordered to suspend operations, or return exports of the substance-a consequence that can be damaging to many companies!

At Intertek, we work to protect our customers' interests, and will be closely following the latest developments for TCSCA. Intertek’s regulatory experts are here to provide valuable guidance, and will work to keep you informed.

These changes are scheduled to take effect on December 11, 2014. In addition, a new round of Supplemental Existing Chemical Substance Nomination (SECN) is likely to open early in the new year to update the Existing Chemical Substances Inventory (ECSI). This will give manufacturers and importers a year to get new chemicals circulated in Taiwan and therefore qualify for inclusion in ECSI and exemption from the requirements for new chemical registration under the revised TCSCA.

Taiwan Existing Chemical Substance Nomination (ECN) Services 

Intertek’s dedicated team of global experts offer a wide range of business critical services for global chemical registration requirements and can provide a complete end-to-end solution for Taiwan ECN compliance. Our services include:

  • Legal representation in Taiwan for offshore companies
  • Preparation of all nomination documents
  • Pre- and post-nomination consulting
  • Follow up with the Taiwanese Authorities as required

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