Navigating chemical compliance regulations and liaising with government officials can present challenges to many companies.

The global requirements for chemical compliance can be overwhelming.  Many global jurisdictions have regulations in place to control the import, export, and use of chemicals in the marketplace. Where notification or registration is required, the authoritative body may request additional information.

Our years of experience give us the confidence to ensure that what is done will meet the expectations of:

  • Government inspectors
  • Customers who often rely on suppliers to support their own compliance activities
  • Senior decision-makers and in-the-trenches staff, regarding the level of effort, investment into, and extent of return for their company's compliance program

Intertek is experienced in helping companies ensure that their products and processes are in compliance with many different areas of global legislation.

Intertek can assist you by offering:

  • Compliance assessment - including third-party "due diligence" compliance audits
  • Training programs tailored to your company's needs
  • Technical strategies supporting legal advice in instances of non-compliance resolution
  • Mediation supporting constructive dialogue between foreign suppliers, notifiers and Canadian Agents
  • Moderated meetings between governments and notifiers to discuss risk assessment outcomes
  • Risk management negotiation when actions are taken by regulators


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