Helping the industrial, consumer, and agricultural chemicals industries ensure product safety and the safety of human health and the environment.

Chemicals exist in products we use every day and are essential to our economy and our communities. While they provide many benefits, they can also have harmful health and environmental effects if not properly managed or produced.

It is important to ensure that chemicals are produced in compliance with applicable government regulations on health, safety, and the environment. Health and environmental hazards need to be identified and assessed at every step of the global supply chain. 

For all phases of your chemical products' life cycle, our global network of scientists and regulatory and toxicological experts have the knowledge and experience to help you comply with new and existing safety requirements while managing risk, maintaining product integrity, meeting sustainability and environmental goals, and getting to market quickly and responsibly. 

Our service offerings are based on our extensive global regulatory knowledge and decades of practical experience dealing with chemicals law. We support clients with:

Product Safety and Hazard Communication 

Toxicology and Registration Services 

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