Intertek offers consulting, registration, and recycling services for product packaging and batteries.

Companies are required to comply with EU Packaging Directive (94/62/EC) and Battery Directive (2006/66/EC) responsibilities in order to avoid fines and shipping barriers upon import into any of the 27 EU Member States. Under these Directives, producers will be required to properly label their packaging and battery materials. They must finance separate collection and recycling schemes, as well as public information campaigns for packaging and battery waste. In addition, they may not charge a fee for separate collection at the time of disposal.

Numerous additional regulations surrounding packaging materials and batteries exist all over North America and the Asian Pacific rim as well.

Intertek has a comprehensive approach to meeting a company's product environmental compliance requirements for packaging and batteries. Leveraging our broad operational and implementation expertise in national and global environmental compliance, Intertek’s experts work to identify the requirements specific to each client’s products and sales models. Intertek also offers registration, recycling, and labeling solutions for all of our clients’ individual European, North American, and Asia Pacific requirements.

Intertek’s approach to packaging and battery requirements includes:

  • Determination of compliance requirements 
  • Product labeling and documentation 
  • Identification of material and chemical restrictions 
  • Testing for restricted materials in packaging 
  • Registration with required bodies 
  • Implementation of collection and recycling system 
  • Identification of ongoing reporting requirements


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