Intertek’s experts can help your company efficiently and cost-effectively meet your Tier 2 Chemical Inventory Reporting requirements.

In the United States, state-level Chemical Reporting Programs have been implemented to protect human health and the environment from potentially hazardous chemical substances. 

Tier 2 Reporting, also known as Tier II Reporting, is required for facilities covered by EPCRA (Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act) requirements. These facilities must provide either a TIER I or TIER II form, to be submitted in triplicate annually. Each State has its own specific reporting procedures and requirements.

Electronic reporting software called Tier2 Submit is available to help facilities prepare an electronic chemical inventory report, which some States request or highly encourage. 

Tier II Chemical Inventory Reporting Services

Intertek’s experts can help your business successfully complete the complex, time-consuming task of preparing and submitting Tier II Chemical Reports. Our services include:

  • Determine state requirements
  • Collate data from Client [business details including a D&B Number, chemical identities, inventory, storage including packaging and location]
  • Confirm data [CAS RN, may include CBI (Confidential Business Information) substantiation]
  • Determine physical and health hazards - review of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)
  • Complete forms
  • Submit to Client for their submission

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