Intertek’s experts can help your company comply with your local and global safety data sheet (SDS) requirements, including translations to over 40 languages.

Most global jurisdictions have implemented legislation requiring SDS for hazardous industrial, and in some cases, for hazardous consumer products.  There is a growing demand for manufacturers to provide SDS to retail distribution centers for products that are not covered under the applicable SDS legislation.

Intertek’s Hazcom team offers a simple solution to the process of creating globally compliant SDSs.  Our team takes pride in utilizing a consultative approach with accuracy and consideration of product use being our top priorities. SDS are prepared incorporating an additional level of hands-on evaluation by our chemists, toxicologists, transportation experts and regulatory subject matter experts who can apply professional judgement regarding product classification.  Intertek is able to quickly and accurately translate your SDS into over 40 languages.  This approach improves the accuracy and quality of your SDS.

Intertek’s team of regional experts can assist clients with preparing SDSs for any country in the world.  Intertek’s multi-disciplinary approach to SDS authoring allows us to assist clients with targeted literature searches to support classification based on expert judgement where necessary.  We can help with everything from helping you understand the regulations to navigating the complexity of protecting your confidential business information in different countries.  Additionally, Intertek can assist in the following areas:

  • Classification of substances and/or products to determine the need for, and nature of, labeling and documentation required;
  • Liaising with suppliers to obtain compositional information to enable the authoring of a compliant SDS; 
  • Development of smart testing plans aligning with business strategies, focusing only where testing is necessary for accurate product classification;
  • Developing and auditing product safety systems and practices;
  • Classification and SDS/label preparation workshops.

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