To help to fulfill clients’ needs, Intertek in cooperation with the Swiss based Compliance Footprint AG (cfp), offers the cfp Quality Label and System assuring global regulatory compliance.

CFP is a unique, innovative system of evaluation, a practical aid for the inspection of safety and data sheets (SDS), availability of dangerous goods labels and dangerous goods transportation logistics. cfp defines a new standard for conformity checks of the supply chain with respect to existing regulatory laws.

Businesses requiring regulatory compliance and having EHS communication issues will benefit from this streamlined, innovative assessment system through assurance to global chemical regulations, such as REACH and GHS, through the online availability of information on “safe use of chemicals”, the reduction of compliance costs with the help of innovative IT and processes and safeguarding the business while enhancing competitiveness.

The cfp Quality Label and System assists globally operating buyers and suppliers of chemicals in providing a ready-access proof of compliance enabling faster and easier global trade.

The Quality Label and System process consists of five steps, designed to ensure legal conformity:

  • Performs a gap analysis regarding the proper regulatory contents
  • Evaluates the extent of conformity, based on the existing criteria and methods
  • Describes potential for improvements
  • Leads to best-in-class solutions
  • Issues a cfp Quality Label according to prior, onsite verification

Your Advantages:

  • Market incentives for responsible handling of dangerous substances and goods are created by purchasing certified commodities
  • As consumer interest in finished goods increases, companies have the ability to comply with the proper standards
  • Simplified and fast customer clearance
  • Reinforcement of sales network
  • Simplified search for legally compliant supply/delivery partners
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