Regulatory compliance solutions and support to ensure that e-waste compliance is reached and maintained in both Canada and the U.S.

The global marketplace is a combination of global pressures and local requirements. For example, in North America, the majority of product requirements are driven by the legislative requirements of individual US states or Canadian provinces. The end result is that each state and provincial legislation has its own specific requirements and nuances. In addition, comprehensive environmental procurement specifications, such as the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT), have seen a significant increase in usage by institutional buyers in North America.

Electronic Waste Regulatory Compliance Services

Due to the detailed and sometimes obscure nature of each requirement, Intertek has invested significant resources and effort to have thorough understanding of each requirement and also build strong relationships with the strategic governing and enforcement agencies in each jurisdiction. Intertek’s experts will analyze your products and sales models to identify your specific regulatory requirements in each jurisdiction. Once you have a clear and defined picture, Intertek will work with you to implement the correct solution for your company.

Intertek’s North American Compliance Services:

  • Cover a range of US & Canadian requirements including:
  • Provide a clear, easy to understand chart and supporting documentation detailing: 
    • Outlines of each state or provincial legislation / enforcement dates / official organizing body 
    • Statement of whether products are within scope
    • Costs of registration / reporting cycle / other financial requirements 
    • Description of requirements and implementation process for each state and/or province
  • Include completion of any necessary registration with compliance authorities

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