Intertek can help you balance confidentiality and transparency when developing your US TSCA chemical compliance strategy.

A major goal of the 2016 amendments to the US Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was to increase transparency in the chemical management process. To accomplish this, upfront confidentiality substantiation requirements were added to the new and existing chemical reporting systems under the TSCA regulations. Additionally, higher scrutiny is being placed on the development and use of generic chemical names.

These changes have made it difficult to navigate the complex balance between protecting legitimate confidential business information (CBI) and complying with the increasing pressure for a transparent review process.

Intertek’s scientific and regulatory experts can help you navigate the new confidentiality requirements right from the beginning of your development process and assist in:

  • developing compliant generic chemical names
  • writing substantiation to support confidentiality claims
  • renewing existing CBI claims before they sunset


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