Environmental Toxicological Risk Assessment Services for Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, & Specialty Chemicals.

An environmental toxicological risk assessment of potential fate and effects of specialty chemical substances, pharmaceuticals, or cosmetic products entering the environment is a key part of responsible product stewardship, regulatory submission and registration processes. Intertek can provide a range of environmental toxicological hazard and risk assessment services to support these activities.  Intertek’s interdisciplinary team of toxicologists, ecotoxicologists, and regulatory experts are able to handle a wide variety of environmental and ecotoxicology projects.

Examples of projects where Intertek can provide assistance are:

  • Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme (OCNS) submission for chemicals that are intended for use and discharge associated with offshore processing of petroleum in the north sea of the UK and Netherlands
  • Canadian Offshore Chemical Selection Guidelines (OCSG) for Drilling & Production Activities On Frontier Lands
  • Assessment of cosmetic formulations for environmental hazards
  • Environmental Assessment of Veterinary Drug and Biologics Applications (e.g., EIAs for VMPs)
  • Environmental Assessment of Human Drug and Biologics Applications (e.g., EMA ERAs)

Intertek’s Environmental Toxicological Risk Assessment solution is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of ecotoxicologists, certified toxicologists and subject matter regulatory experts to assist with meeting complex environmental assessment, product stewardship and regulatory responsibilities.

With our team of experts, Intertek can review the available data for the chemical mixture to identify areas where additional costly environmental and animal testing may be avoided.  We can work with your suppliers to gather confidential information while still providing a robust assessment and maintaining supplier confidentiality.

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