Cosmetics sold in China are subject to control by administrative licensing under the “supervising Rules of Cosmetics Hygiene” regulations published by the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China (MOH) and the “Rules for Acceptance of Application to Cosmetics Administrative License” published by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA).

Intertek’s Registration Licensing Notification Services for Cosmetics offers an Administrative Licensing for Exporting Cosmetics to China service to assist sellers of cosmetic and personal care products in China in securing the necessary administrative license issued by the state health administration.

The administrative license application process requires the importer to provide information about how to use the product, the standard of quality, product packaging, test reports issued by the designated testing organization and supporting evidence issued by the exporting country for the production and sale of those cosmetic products. 

This complicated process can be a hindrance to overseas cosmetics manufacturers or distributors who are not familiar with the process, and delay their time to market.

Intertek’s significant expertise in the China market enables our cosmetic and beauty product customers to leverage our administrative licensing services in order to get their products to market in China in six months (for cosmetic products without special function) to eight months (for products with special function such as sunscreen or hair regrowth). 

This is a substantial saving of time.

The workflow for Intertek’s Application of Administrative Licensing for Exporting Cosmetics to China follows:


1. Applicant: an entity registered in China responsible for reporting relevant information.

2. Designated Body: the testing bodies authorized by the SFDA to conduct testing and issues reports for the purpose of Administrative License for Cosmetics. This includes both the testing bodies for hygiene and safety characteristics during product application by end users.

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