Beauty and Personal Care Research and Development Solutions

We understand that your products need to meet high standards while achieving progress to market quickly and cost effectively.

Our services assist with the marketing, licensing and distribution of products through strictly controlled evaluation of safety, efficacy and acceptability:

In-Vitro Skin Toxicity Testing
Intertek provides testing in accordance with EURL ECVAM (the European Union Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing) validated protocols to analyse your products with in vitro skin models based on human reconstructed epidermis for irritation, corrosion and surface adhesion studies. 

These studies can help predict the cytotoxic effect of the chemical or personal care product. 

Substrate Analysis for Skin, Hair and Teeth

  • Deposition studies of actives on hair, skin and oral 
  • Damage / repair of hair 
  • Skin morphology and image analysis 
  • Tape stripping and biopsy studies for active delivery to the skin

Consumer Healthcare Trials
Intertek is a leading supplier of consumer healthcare trials, which include tests for safety, efficacy and claim support. 

Operating from multiple research centres around the world, we offer access to a large, characterised, volunteer database and a diverse network of investigators including Dermatologists, Dentists, GPs, Biochemists and Statisticians. 

 Safety Testing

  • Patch Testing
  • RIPT - Sensitisation
  • Opthalmological Tests
  • In-Use Tolerance
  • Photo-Safety
  • Oral Tolerance

Efficacy and Claim Support

  • Skin Care
  • SPF and Water Resistance
  • Oral Care
  • Antiperspirants & Deodorants
  • Hair and Scalp Care 
  • Nutrition

Toxicological Risk Assessment

Most of the international regulations (EU, USA, Japan, China, Russia...) cover all aspects of cosmetic safety, ranging from human health and safety assessments to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), packaging and labeling. 

The EU regulations on the safety of cosmetics (Directive 76/768/EEC) apply to all cosmetic products manufactured within or imported into the EU. Intertek services include:

  • Design and interpretation of human studies
  • Safety assessment of cosmetic products
  • Advice on ingredients listing and labeling 
  • Advice on the legal status of ingredients
  • Management of regulatory affairs and product safety 
  • Assessment of consumer complaints
  • Quality Management and GMP
  • Training on legislation and cosmetic science
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