Dental restoration materials or dental filling materials preparation (discs or blocks or inserted in human or bovine teeth) and laboratory testing to evaluate the impact of oral care dentifrice products to support dental restorative materials development and performance testing

Unwanted effects on dental restoration materials from oral care dentifrice products can include abrasion, chemical damage or staining. It is often difficult and unethical to assess these effects on dental filling materials in-vivo and so in-vitro laboratory testing approaches can help direct product development and can mitigate risks before the product is introduced to the market. 

Dental Filling Material Test Sample Preparation
Our in-vitro laboratory team is experienced at working with a wide variety of  direct dental restorative material including resin composites, glass ionomers (dental materials such as glass polyalkenoate cements), acrylics, light- or chemical-cured polymer-based materials and can cast high-quality blocks or discs of pure restoration materials to your required specifications. We prepare samples to very precise specifications (± 0.1 mm diameter) and then polish sample surfaces to very fine finishes (up to and including micro-grit size P2500). 

Testing Impact of Oral Care Dentifrice Products on Dental Restorative Materials
Our scientists design and conduct bespoke laboratory studies to evaluate any unwanted effects on your products caused by oral care products such as toothpaste or mouthwashes, whitening treatments or the impact of toothbrushes or other devices. Alternatively, we can insert restorations into extracted human or bovine teeth to support your own in vitro studies involving chemical, mechanical and microbiological testing.

Our Expertise in Dental Restoration Materials Testing
For over 20 years our Clinical Research Services group has been a trusted partner for developers and manufacturers offering Total Quality Assurance expertise of oral care products. We provide a one-source solution for all your  in vitro studies including anti-stain, stain removal and tooth whitening laboratory testingartificial lesion preparation for in vitro remineralisation and demineralisation studiescleaning evaluation of toothbrushes, interdental brushes, flosses and tapes dentinal tubule blockage studies or other laboratory testing requirements, providing robust data to support product development and claims for novel treatments. 

Intertek Clinical Research Services (CRS) has a dedicated in vitro laboratory which conducts testing of all aspects of Oral Care products. We are particularly adept in designing bespoke in vitro models to cater for your specific requirements. Intertek Clinical Research Services is licensed to handle and store human tissue under the Human Tissue Act 2004 and follows the principles outlined within the act as well as complying with local ethical guidelines.
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