Oral care device product cleaning efficacy evaluation for toothbrushes, interdental brushes, electronic devices, flosses and tapes through in vitro laboratory studies and instrumental efficacy measurement

In vitro cleaning efficacy testing of toothbrushes, interdental brushes, flosses and tapes enable evaluation of their performance and function.

Novel toothbrushes and interdental cleaning products are constantly being developed with novel materials, different filament types / profiles, or penetration enhancers. Toothbrushes, for example, have many innovative designs in terms of different bristles materials, arrays and shapes which drive marketing claims for these consumer products. These dental care devices  may have been specially developed to improve stain removal or remove plaque from tooth surfaces and interproximal spaces in the mouth. Independent evidence that clearly demonstrates device efficacy and performance is critical to support robust marketing claims or packing claims and also to direct further product development.

Laboratory Evaluations of Toothbrushes, Tapes and Flosses

Our team of laboratory scientists are able to carry out comparative testing for the cleaning evaluation of brushes, flosses and tapes. We are experienced in the design and fabrication of dental and interproximal cleaning models using extracted human teeth which can either be stained or coated with an artificial plaque. Following use of the product, cleaning efficacy is assessed using digital image analysis giving you a robust insight into cleaning efficacy.

Cleaning studies are appropriately powered to investigate significant improvements in efficacy and sufficient repeats are planned to assess product and assessor variability. Images can be assessed subjectively or by using digital analysis. Percentage cleaning data and any requested statistical analysis is provided in a report containing tables, graphs and images.

For over 20 years our Clinical Research Services has been a trusted partner for developers and manufacturers of oral care products. Our wider in vitro laboratory based oral care solutions include anti-plaque and anti-calculus oral care product testinganti-stain, stain removal and tooth whitening testing, Pellicle Cleaning Ratio (PCR) laboratory studies or dentinal tubule blockage studies. Intertek's Total Quality Assurance expertise, brings quality and safety to life by providing a one-source solution for in vitro studies providing robust data to support the efficacy and marketing claims of novel treatments.

Oral care product trial services:
Intertek Clinical Research Services (CRS) has a dedicated in vitro laboratory which conducts testing of all aspects of Oral Care products. We are particularly adept in designing bespoke in vitro models to cater for your specific requirements. Intertek Clinical Research Services is licensed to handle and store human tissue under the Human Tissue Act 2004 and follows the principles outlined within the act as well as complying with local ethical guidelines.

Our team of laboratory scientists have a combined experience of over 30 years of testing oral care products and between them have degrees/PhD/MSc in Dentistry, Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Biological Sciences. They have also contributed to a variety of scientific papers in collaboration with many well-known clients and have presented posters at International scientific conferences.
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White Paper Download: Oral Care Product In Vitro Stain Removal Testing Models

Learn how in vitro models can be developed to support product development and advertising claims: download our white paper.

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