Discovery Phase Bioanalysis Services

Discovery phase bioanalysis services including rapid screening, non-GLP bioanalysis tailored to support your early stage drug development and lead optimization

Intertek provides three 'standard' modes of LC-MS/MS bioanalytical support for drug discovery based upon your requirements. A dedicated LC-MS/MS discovery project team typically delivers data within 5 days after sample receipt, given one-week of advance notice.

Mode I - Rapid Discovery Screen

  • Optimize instrument, run curve and samples directly using a generic method without prior assessment.

Mode II – Lead Optimization (non-GLP early Pharmacokinetic (PK) studies)

  • Set up and run an extracted curve (protein ppt. or other extraction methods as needed) and QC spikes to evaluate method performance and range (Day 1)
  • Assay samples with freshly prepared curve (n=2 at each concentration) and QC spikes (Day 2)

Mode III – Lead Qualification (bridging and non-GLP toxicokinetic studies)

  • Intra-assay precision and accuracy QCs (n=5 at low, mid and high)
  • Lower limit of quantitation - LLOQ (n=5)
  • Room temperature matrix stability (n=3)
  • Room temperature extract stability (re-injection of curve and QC's)  
Need help or have a question? +44 161 721 5247

Need help or have a question?

+44 161 721 5247
+44 161 721 5247