LC-HRMS protein analysis for use in drug development, biomedical discovery, and quality assessment

Protein analysis, including use of LC-HRMS, is central to drug development and biomedical sciences. Proteins are indispensable to all biomedical systems, being the functional products of the genes that encode them.

Accurate protein identification, quantification and quality assessment is challenging. Reliable protein analysis must yield high sensitivity, broad dynamic range, and accuracy. Some tools for protein analysis suffer from weaknesses that compromise studies in biomedical / drug development studies. However, LC-HRMS can quantitatively solve problems in protein analysis, with depth and accuracy, including assessment of the quality attributes of protein therapeutics.

Intertek Pharmaceutical Services has the necessary instrumentation, software and personnel required for state-of-the-art protein analysis by LC-HRMS. We offer LC-HRMS services for essentially any protein analysis project at any scale. We employ state-of-the-art mass spectrometers, which deliver the highest quality data.

Notably, Orbitraps at Intertek are qualified for regulatory compliance, which is rare and valuable. We have decades of collective experience in LC-HRMS protein analysis, advising clients on the most practical, punctual path forward, and implementing win-win agreements. Moreover, we have collaborative immunochemistry and cell-based assay expertise under the same roof, seamlessly serving diverse bioanalytical needs at one site.

Intertek’s innovative pharmaceutical services and global network of laboratories and specialists offer a level of assurance, testing, inspection and certification support, helping to bring quality and safety to life for our customers.

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