Join us for a ground-breaking and insightful forum on inhaled and nasal biologics or inhaled vaccine development: Two days of cutting-edge talks and networking opportunities with leaders in this complex area of drug and vaccine development.

3rd Annual Inhaled & Nasal Biologics/DNA Forum
26-27th September 2024 | Cambridge, UK 

We are delighted to announce that we are hosting the 3rd edition of the Annual Inhaled and Nasal Biologics/DNA Forum in September 2024 with the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS) as Conference Partner. We invite you to join two days of cutting-edge talks and networking opportunities with leaders in this complex area of drug product and inhaled vaccines development.

Biologics and nucleotide-based therapeutics have gained increasing importance in the last decade. Pulmonary and intranasal delivery of these presents a compelling, non-invasive alternative to traditional parenteral methods, offering potential for both local respiratory and systemic treatments across a variety of diseases and indications. However, biologics, mRNA, nucleotide-based therapeutics and vaccines present unique challenges for respiratory administration and whilst there can be many ways to design a product, the developer needs to balance, amongst many other things, product performance, manufacturability, regulatory risk, and commercial elements. 

During this 3rd edition, the conference promises to provide a platform for discussing the latest research and optimal strategies for pulmonary and intranasal biologic/DNA drug development. With renowned industry leaders who will share their insight and real-world case studies, our speakers will explore innovative formulation and delivery technologies and the rationale behind overcoming development challenges. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn more about key topics shaping the future of inhaled therapeutics. 

During the conference, the APS will host a scientific poster session. This session is open for researchers and innovators at all levels to share their work in the field of inhaled and nasal biologics or vaccine development. If you would like to bring a poster, please submit here.

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We will be releasing more news of our esteemed speakers over the coming weeks. Be sure to bookmark this page and follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated with the latest developments. 

Dr Jenny Lam, Associate Professor in Pharmaceutics at the UCL School of Pharmacy

We are thrilled to announce that Dr Jenny Lam, Associate Professor in Pharmaceutics at the UCL School of Pharmacy, will be the keynote speaker for the third Annual Inhaled and Nasal Biologics/DNA Forum 2024. 

Dr Jenny Lam is a leading expert in novel respiratory delivery systems at the UCL School of Pharmacy, one of the world’s leading pharmacy schools. Dr Lam will present on the theme of ‘Alternative to LNPs – development of peptide-based RNA delivery systems for pulmonary delivery’, setting the stage for thought-provoking exchanges throughout this groundbreaking industry event. 

Portrait photo of Dr Jenny Lam  Associate Professor in Pharmaceutics at the UCL School of Pharmacy
Dr Jenny Lam

Associate Professor in Pharmaceutics at the UCL School of Pharmacy

Keynote Talk: Alternative to LNPs – development of peptide-based RNA delivery systems for pulmonary delivery

Dr Lam’s research is focused on the development of novel delivery systems for RNAs and biologics, with a special interest in using particle engineering methods to produce dry powder aerosols for lung delivery, targeting various respiratory diseases and infections. She has published over 90 peer-reviewed articles and filed a number of patent applications on pulmonary drug delivery systems. In 2020, she was awarded the DDL Emerging Scientist Award which recognised her significant accomplishment and innovation in inhalation science. Additionally, Dr Lam recently co-edited ‘Respiratory Delivery of Biologics, Nucleic Acids and Vaccines’, a comprehensive review of pulmonary delivery of macromolecules and biologics.

 Prof Dr Regina Scherliess
Prof Dr. Regina Scherließ

Director, Department of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, Kiel University

Talk Title: Nasal delivery of vaccines - not as easy as expected

Prof. Dr. Regina Scherließ is a professor for Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, vice-dean for research of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Kiel University (since 2022) and chair of the Department of Pharmaceutics at Kiel University, Germany. As such she leads the research unit in Pharmaceutics and is responsible for all teaching in Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics at Kiel University. She is a pharmacist and received her Dr. rer. nat. (doctor of natural sciences) in 2008 for a work on “Formulation of inhalation combination products by co-precipitation”. In 2015 she finished her “habilitation” working on “Mucosal vaccination via the respiratory tract”. During her academic education she had research stays in Denmark, the US, New Zealand and Australia. She also received several young researcher awards including The Pat Burnell New Investigator Award 2010 of the Aerosol Society and is member of the DDL scientific committee (since 2015). She also is member of the board of the priority research area KiNSIS (Kiel Nano Interface and Surface Sciences) at Kiel University (since 2020). Her research interests include disperse systems and nanoparticles, stabilisation of biomolecules and particle engineering in spray drying, and formulations for mucosal vaccination with a focus on respiratory (nasal and pulmonary) dry powder delivery. She is a co-founder of the Nasal Research Focus Group, a research consortium from academia and industry focusing on nasal drug delivery.

Catherine Huntingdon is an Associate Director, R&D Biologics Engineering, AstraZeneca
Catherine Huntington

Associate Director, R&D Biologics Engineering, AstraZeneca

Talk Title: Optimising Delivery of Biologics Through Inhalation; Challenges and Opportunities

Catherine is a Protein Scientist with over 20 years in the Biotechnology Industry. She has broad knowledge of all aspects of the drug discovery process for biologics and has been the Co-leader for four pre-clinical projects that successfully transitioned into early pre-clinical development for which she developed novel therapeutic recombinant proteins. Three of those projects were aimed at inhalation delivery; one is currently progressing in Phase 2 clinical trials. She is a contributor to three systemic pre-clinical projects and Co-Inventor on four patent applications in addition to three published ones. She is experienced in working in cross-functional teams in matrix structure and contributing to developability guidance for inhaled biologics. Catherine is interested in understanding better the quality attributes of inhaled biologics for spray drying stability.

Tanvir Tabish, Director, Early Formulation Development, AstraZeneca
Tanvir Tabish

Director, Early Stage Formulation Sciences, AstraZeneca

Talk Title: Optimising Delivery of Biologics Through Inhalation; Challenges and Opportunities

Tanvir joined Astrazeneca about a year ago. He is based in Cambridge, UK, and is working as a Director in the Dosage Form Design and Development (DFDD) group of the company. The responsibilities of the DFDD group include developing pharmaceutically stable, market competitive, user centric biopharmaceutical dosage forms. Prior to joining Astrazeneca, Tanvir worked in the Biopharmaceutical industry, for a number of years, for Novartis, Takeda, Beaufour Ipsen and GSK.

Francesca Buttini, Associate Professor, University of Parma
Francesca Buttini

Associate Professor, University of Parma

Talk Title: Effective formulation strategy for pulmonary delivery of probiotics

Francesca Buttini currently holds an Associate Professor position at the Food and Drug Department, University of Parma (IT) and where now she is leading the unit dedicated to design of pharmaceutical products for inhalation. In 2014, she was appointed as Visiting Lecturer at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science of King’s College London (UK). Combining her background in pharmaceutical technology, regulatory aspects, and device design, she is executing research programs aimed to deliver medicinal products that take into consideration the patient, industrial and regulatory requirements. To date, she has published more than 98 original papers and as a result of her research achievement, she obtained in 2017 the DDL Emerging Scientist Awards from the UK Aerosol Society. Francesca Buttini is a founder of PlumeStars, an innovative SME, dedicated to development of orphan drug products to treat lung and systemic disease by inhalation therapy.

A portrait photo of Jaap Wieling THE CEO OF PureIMS bv
Dr. Jaap Wieling

CEO, PureIMS bv

Talk Title: Non-clinical and clinical development aspects of inhaled biologics

Jaap Wieling is a pharmacologist with a vast track record in development of new pharmaceutical products based on small and large molecules, as a scientist and as an executive in various pharma companies and contract organizations. He is an entrepreneur since 1999, and (co-)founded several biotech and service companies. In parallel he has been a part-time university teacher for almost 2 decades (Groningen), teaching clinical and bioanalytical aspects of drug development. He also serves on the board of various biotech companies.
Jaap is currently CEO of PureIMS, an innovative company in the Netherlands developing a pipeline of dry-powder inhalation products and also co-developing products with pharma partners.

Mr. Asaf Cohen
Asaf Cohen

VP CMC, SpliSense LTD

Talk Title: Development Path of RNA Based Platform for Pulmonary Diseases

Mr. Cohen brings more than a decade of demonstrated experience in the pharmaceutical industry, focusing on production, device, and analytical development, most of them under GMP regulatory environments. Prior to SpliSense, Asaf has spent almost 7 years at Polypid Israel in various high responsibility positions in manufacturing, operations, logistics and engineering while playing a pivotal role in new product development, design of the scaled-up processes, tech transfers, process optimization as well as leading the design and construction of a new aseptic production facility.

Carolina Dantas, MD
Carolina Dantas

Medical Doctor (MD), Medical & Scientific Affairs, Pulmotree

Talk Title: Vibrating Mesh Nebulizers: insights into the delivery of biologics

Carolina’s expertise as a board certified pulmonologist adds to Pulmotree the valuable insight of both physicians and patients. Specialized in respiratory infectious diseases and lung related indications such as cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis, she has a vast hands-on clinical experience with inhaled drug therapies.

As a Manager of Medical and Scientific Affairs her search for innovation in healthcare matches with Pulmotree’s forward-thinking approach to the evolution of respiratory therapies. Besides her knowledge in clinical research, Carolina is an accomplished communicator in science, counting with published scientific papers, a book chapter, and several presentations in international conferences. 

Carolina holds a Master’s degree in Medicine and is a member of the European Respiratory Society (ERS) and the International Society for Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM).


Wednesday, 25th September 25th 2024 - Networking
Intertek Laboratory Tour (optional), Intertek Melbourn, Cambridgeshire, 2 pm
Networking drinks reception, Hinxton Hall, 5.30 pm

Thursday, 26th September 2024 - Day 1 of Conference
Conference Session & Panel Discussion
APS Poster Session - submit your poster abstract here
Networking Drinks 5:30 pm & Evening: Conference Dinner

Friday, 27th September 2024 - Day 2 of Conference
Conference Session & Panel Discussion


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