Inhaled and Nasal Biologics/DNA Forum 2022

Accelerate your biopharmaceutical development with 3 days of conference and networking on key considerations for developing effective orally inhaled or nasal biologics or oligonucleotide therapies or vaccines

Building Effective Orally Inhaled or Nasal Products
With drug discovery programmes increasingly focused on biological drug substances for both respiratory and systemic targets, the need to develop effective solutions for nasal and inhaled delivery is becoming increasingly vital for the industry.

Biologic and DNA based modalities such as oligonucleotides, proteins, antibodies and a range of other complex forms present unique challenges for developing an effective inhaled and nasal delivery.

With a focus on networking and learning, Intertek is delighted to host this first forum on all aspects of the development of biologic drugs for respiratory delivery. Join industry leading experts for discussions on key principles, challenges, regulatory expectations, best practice and technologies involved in building effective inhaled and nasal DNA or biologic products.

Places are limited and so please register your interest to attend. Visit our event portal now.

DATE: 28-30th September 2022
VENUE: Madingley Hall, CAMBRIDGE, UK



Over three days of conference and networking, we shall cover these key themes:
• Fundamental Development Considerations for Inhaled Biologics
• Regulatory Approaches and Development
• Formulation Development & Repurposing
• Current and Future Trends
• Case Studies: Developing new inhaled vaccine and inhaled delivery routes for mRNA or oligonucleotides

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Need help or have a question?

+44 1763 261648
+44 1763 261648