Intertek offers businesses complete end-to-end outsourcing solutions for REACH compliance

To navigate through the REACH process, companies can be well advised to seek expert assistance. Intertek can provide complete end-to-end solutions for REACH compliance. With a worldwide network of specialists dealing with chemicals, and the support of global analytical services and risk assessment facilities, Intertek can provide a unique model for companies confronted with the REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Substances – EC1907/2006).

Focusing on interaction with and gathering data from a client’s supply chain, consolidation and completion of documentation requirements, management of SIEF interactions, and submission of registration forms, Intertek’s experts are tuned in to the REACH processes. Whether a company requires outsourcing portions or the complete REACH compliance procedure, Intertek can help. For non-EU based companies, Intertek also has a comprehensive array of “Only Representative” services.

Intertek is the world leader in providing outsourcing solutions. Intertek works with clients to successfully outsource services, bringing international expertise, performance, financial, quality and productivity benefits to the client, their business and their employees.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing allows a company and other institutions to trade higher fixed-costs for lower variable-costs, reducing the need for investment, reducing operating costs, and allowing instant access to world-class expertise and capabilities on short notice, using the expertise and services only when and where needed. Not only does outsourcing provide financial and service performance benefits, but it also enhances critical, on-time performance. Intertek has independent specialist functions that can accept work from a wide range of customers. This means the utilization rate is much higher than for captive in-house services, driving efficiencies up and the cost down.

Intertek provides dedicated project teams, composed of experienced experts, to successfully run a wide range of business-critical services including REACH. Intertek has a proven international track record of successful outsourcing projects for companies and governments in a wide range of industries. Industries that outsource functions to Intertek include, but are not limited to, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, consumer product companies and national government institutions.

How will this benefit my REACH program?

Intertek has a proven track record of project management, outsourcing, and registration in the EU. Intertek can provide a range of services from general regulatory support to complete project management of your company’s REACH program. The recommended next step is to discuss your program with Intertek REACH experts and determine if this path makes sense for you.

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