Companies concerned about disclosing their interest in a particular substance through participation in REACH Substance Information Exchange Fora (SIEF) or Consortia and meeting the complex requirements of REACH, can appoint a Third Party Representative to act on their behalf.

Intertek’s Third Party Representative Service is offered to companies pre-registering and registering substances under REACH requiring discretion when it comes to their interest in specific substances. Intertek is well-versed in managing confidential interests of their clients. Our global REACH services are supported by EU-based Intertek offices and local Intertek offices worldwide. With a wealth of experience spanning diverse industries and legislative consulting, Intertek is a sound choice as your Third Party Representative.

“Companies should be aware that contact details indicated at pre-registration will be made available to all potential registrants of the substance(s) pre-registered under the same identity code as well as to potential registrants of all other substances for which read-across possibilities have been indicated. Whenever they consider such information to be sensitive, a Third Party Representative may be used.” - Practical steps for REACH pre-registration, European Chemical Agency (ECHA)

The REACH Third Party Representative can perform all substance-related interactions with other potential registrants in SIEFs and Consortia, manufacturers, importers, and downstream users.

Intertek’s REACH Third Party Representative Service includes:

  • Protection of client identity and confidentiality
  • Representation in all matters concerning SIEF or Consortium participation & management
    • Respond to requests from other participants
    • Share data and studies with other participants
    • Request missing data from other SIEF participants
    • Participate in the identification and arrangements for studies to supply missing data
    • Assist in the preparation of joint registration submission
  • Point of contact with manufacturers, importers and downstream users in matters concerning REACH substance registration.
  • Data collection and consolidation
  • Full REACH Registration Services including dossier creation, testing and submission preparation also available

The Intertek Third Party Representative Service can also be integrated with our Only Representative Service for Non-EU companies thus offering you seamless integration of our REACH Services for both EU and Non-EU operations and providing a global single point of communication and coordination of REACH-requirements.

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