REACH solutions for raw materials importer and supplier compliance requirements.

The REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals - 1907/2006) places compliance requirements on companies importing and refining raw materials in the EU. The obligations placed on suppliers of raw materials (e.g. metals, alloys, oils, and a range of other substances) by REACH are complicated by the large volume, the global supply chains, and the chemical complexity of raw materials sold in Europe.

“REACH considers metals as substances and, therefore, all metals must be registered and assessed… Under REACH, alloys are considered as preparations, in other words, mixtures of metals that have the toxicological properties of their components.” - Xstrata, Inputs for the Public Consultation of the Competitiveness of the European Metals Industry 

Intertek is a global provider of REACH compliance services. Intertek supports both EU-based distributors and traders, and non-EU distributors and traders through its locations around the world and REACH Only Representative solution for non-EU chemical distributors.

REACH Services for Raw Materials Suppliers

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