Intertek offers its customers complete support with the REACH pre-registration process.

Compliance with REACH is mandatory for continued sales of chemicals and products in the European Union. Up to 30,000 existing chemicals will be capable of being pre-registered. Pre-registration for these existing or “phase-in” substances allows a relaxed timeline for completing compliance requirements without a major interruption in European sales.

“In line with REACH Article 28, a pre-registration is required for phase-in substances so that manufacturers and importers can benefit from the transitional regime and continue with their manufacture or import while they are preparing their registration.” 
- Guidance for identification and naming of substances under REACH - ECHA - June 2007

Intertek’s pre-registration service provides full support to complete this first major step in REACH compliance by defining your responsibilities for REACH, on a company-wide level, and for each substance under scope. Intertek will also collect and organize all of the required data, create the necessary pre-registration information packages for your substances and, upon request, submit the pre-registration packages to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Intertek’s pre-registration service includes:

  • Creation of compliance strategy and decision tree
  • Collection of substance identification information
  • Creation of Substance Pre-registration Information Packages (SPRIP)
  • Submission of pre-registration packages to the ECHA
  • Expert REACH consulting and on-call support for the duration of Pre-registration
  • Support non-EU companies through our comprehensive Only Representative service
  • Onsite and web-based educational presentations

Intertek’s pre-registration services ensures companies:

  • Understand their REACH responsibilities
  • Pre-register all substance, where possible
  • See as little disruption to European sales as possible

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