Helping you achieve compliance requirements for finished articles as defined by REACH Regulation.

Consumer and professional products under REACH can be both preparations and articles under the REACH regulation. Finished products have complicated requirements under the REACH Regulation. Even with the guidance provided in RIP 3.8, these requirements are often complex and require expert support.

“Article 6 of REACH sets a conditioned obligation for article producers and importers to register or notify substances in articles” - European Chemical Agency (ECHA) 

Intertek is a global provider of REACH compliance services. For finished products, Intertek has comprehensive services for the identification and registration of substances intended to be released from articles and substances of very high concern (SVHC). Intertek’s services for articles under REACH include evaluation of requirements, determination of options, evaluation and data gathering from the supply chain, program management, project outsourcing, and all of the general pre-registration and registration requirements under REACH.

REACH Services for Consumer and Professional Products

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