REACH testing services supporting chemical registration and other regulatory chemical testing programs in Europe and other regions via substance ID and physico-chemical testing programs

REACH and regulatory chemical testing programs will form a critical part of your registration activities. In many regions, regulatory requirements requires manufacturers and importers to gather information on the properties of their chemical substances. This information will enable safe handling and the registration of chemical information and enable marketing or market launch of chemical products.

Chemical property data, generated to meet regulatory chemical testing programs requirements is a mandatory part of the REACH Registration process for both lead and co-registrants. This data should be submitted in the form of a technical dossier.

As a lead registrant, your dossier includes not only your company specific substance identity information but also information that may be required by all the co-registrants, such as the classification and labelling of the substance and the physical-chemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological data defined in the REACH Annexes. REACH testing programs, data gathering and process can be costly and complex and requires expert assessment of the data and gaps identified. As a member registrant, your IUCLID dossier only includes information about the identity of your own substance such as composition and analytical data.

Based on our extensive knowledge of global chemical regulatory issues and considerable experience gained during the REACH deadlines, we continue to offer regulatory chemical testing programs for the 2018 deadline through substance identification testing, sameness and physico-chemical property testing and consultancy services delivering highly relevant technical guidance to ease your registration process. With strengths in data assessment we identify any data gaps in the information to complete a dossier and then put in place efficient strategies to address these gaps whilst minimizing unnecessary testing costs.

Our REACH testing services comprise tailored programs designed to facilitate your successful registration. Intertek's scientists generate high quality analytical services for structural and compositional information as part of your substance identity requirements and sameness testing. Additionally we provide physicochemical property testing. 

Intertek's REACH experts provide robust support through preparation and technical dossier submission of both Lead and Non-Lead technical dossiers using the IUCLID software and REACH IT portal. 

We are a leading international provider of REACH testing services with a global network of REACH laboratories and a proven track record in providing test data for regulatory submissions and chemical registrations for a wide range of industries.

Our REACH substance ID scientists are experienced in delivering high quality analytical testing for substance identity and sameness providing a comprehensive REACH testing and analysis program to meet your REACH needs.

Our experts help you to find and assess any existing information about your substance and help to define a strategy to fill in any data gaps; for example, finding suitable read-across data, providing waiving justifications why certain data is not needed or lastly, recommending new studies where it is felt to be unavoidable.

We offer comprehensive physicochemical testing packages utilizing REACH Council Regulation (EC) No 440/2008 Testing Guidelines to meet your REACH registration requirements.

Our scientists use QSAR software for predicting substance properties based on data from similar chemicals which can help to group chemicals into categories and to fill data gaps by read-across, trend analysis or (Q)SAR to assess the (eco)toxicity hazards of chemicals.

Our REACH consultants in toxicological and ecotoxicological, in collaboration with selected partners with facilities, deliver experimental services together with regulatory management in one package.

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