Intertek provides comprehensive product and component level testing and screening for SVHC as listed in REACH Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Substances – (EC1907/2006) compliance.

To ensure that chemical substances found in everyday products are safe to human health and the environment, the European Union enacted the REACH Regulation to control potentially hazardous substances. Under the REACH Regulation, Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) must be identified and disclosed.

SVHC Compliance and Disclosure requirements:  

  • Determine whether products contain any SVHCs in excess of 0.1% product weight
  • Disclose the presence of SVHCs in products within 45 days upon request from consumers or customers
  • Ensure environmental compliance and safety of products

Intertek’s SVHC Testing and Screening Services:  

  • Comprehensive testing of products and preparations for SVHCs over 0.1% w/w
  • SVHC declaration forms for each product
  • Standard and custom lists of SVHC chemicals
  • Support for specific industry segments or customer requests
  • Data and sample storage for future proofing of new SVHC substances

Utilizing Intertek’s vast wealth of analytical laboratories worldwide, Intertek provides SVHC testing for a broad range of products including automotive, aerospace, electronics, consumer, building, cosmetics, and general preparations. Intertek’s global laboratories use modern analytical, quantification, and deformulation techniques on soluble and insoluble materials to create a comprehensive fingerprint of each product for use in the SVHC declaration.

If products contain any SVHCs, Intertek can provide a risk assessment to identify in which material or component the SVHC is present, create a replacement strategy, or prepare REACH disclosure documentation to assure your business is not interrupted.

Intertek Wide-Scan SVHC Testing

Intertek offers an optional service which provides a level of chemical knowledge for products with regard to future SVHC substances. Intertek offers an industry leading ‘wide scan’ testing approach inclusive of data and sample storage. If a future substance is added to the SVHC Candidate List, Intertek’s skilled scientists can re-review the ‘wide-scan’ data to provide a level of confidence of the presence of the new chemical in the original test sample. By using ‘wide-scan’ testing with data storage and review, Intertek customers have a reasonable level of confidence in being able to handle new SVHC substances without unnecessarily re-testing products.


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