According to Article 33(1) of the REACH Regulation, EC (No.) 1907/2006, it is an obligation to communicate information about the presence of REACH SVHCs down the supply chain. In fact, retailers are required to respond to consumer enquiries within 45 days.

The management of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) in articles has caused tremendous difficulties for non-EU manufacturers, EU importers, and retailers due to the lack of transparency across the supply chain with regards to the chemicals used in articles. It is imperative that manufacturers, importers, and retailers be aware of any SVHCs present in any of the articles prior to sale. Manufacturers need to pass all pertinent information down the supply chain to the importers and retailers, so that this information can, in turn, be passed on to consumers upon request.

REACH SVHC Risk Assessment Services

Built on a platform of extensive databases consisting of SVHCs test data from different Intertek facilities, complemented by Intertek's unsurpassed expertise in the association of chemicals and materials, Intertek can generate an SVHC risk assessment report based on a single submitted sample. It is both an economical and effective solution. 

Based on the outcome of such reports, manufacturers or importers may choose to conduct specific SVHCs tests on selected high risk products or even components only. Intertek's REACH SVHC Risk Assessment Services will not only save tremendous testing expenses, but at the same time provide good substantiation of due diligence.

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