Intertek offers end-to-end bill of material assessment and electronic design services for compliance with health and environmental regulations, laws, and standards.

Intertek specializes in assessing and converting Bill of Materials (BoM) into a regulatory compliant state. We perform the required data gathering, assessment, electronic design, and provide replacement options where possible to meet the legal requirements and goals of our customers.

Intertek’s Bill of Material Services are customizable and applicable for a wide range of global, regional, and local health and environmental legislations and requirements including RoHSREACH SVHC, California Proposition 65, Japan Green, and many other expanding health and environmental legislations and requirements

Intertek’s services and expertise allow you to meet the challenges presented by these and other emerging environmental regulations. Intertek’s Bill of Material (BoM) Services includes:

1. Express Assessment

  • Supplier confirmation on compliance of all components
  • Substitute components for all non-compliant / EOL components
  • Date of availability for all substitute components
  • HTML interface for all components (graphical and raw data)
    • Viewing of compliance by product
    • Data delivered in flat file format of client's choice
    • Purchasable BOM
  • Issue tracking and overall project management

2. Full Data Gathering

This stage includes the gathering and review of a wide range of material, process, and procurement information for every component. The basic standards for Intertek’s material declaration are the Joint Industry Guide (JIG), Japan Green Procurement Standardization Initiative (JGPSSI), and the evolving IPC-1752 standard.

  • Material declaration for all components for Joint Industry Guide Level A and Level B materials

    • ppm data gathering for all Level A and Level B materials
    • Location of Level A materials for exemption review
    • Regulatory exemptions
  • Process and interconnect related information

    • MSL rating
    • Peak reflow temperature
    • Interconnect metallurgy
    • Compatibility with lead-free process
  • Due Dilligence

    • Provide client documentation to support claims
  • Inventory information

    • Historical compliance information
    • Lead-free component marking
  • Electronic design review of all ppm data
  • Customized question sets to meet client specific requirements
  • Optional

    • Data collected and stored for compatibility with evolving IPC-1752 standards
  • Project management and issue tracking
  • Weekly teleconferences
  • On-call electronic design support

3. Mechanical Parts and Components

Intertek’s Bill of Materials assessment services includes materials (metals, plastics, and finishes) and mechanical drawings assessments:

  • Transfer of mechanical drawings to assembly / material / component hierarchy
  • Creation of Master Materials List for BOM assessment purposes
  • Express and Full BOM assessment services on all mechanicals
  • Substitution of non-compliant materials and components
  • Engineering overview of risks associated with compliance
  • Engineering consultations on corrective actions to mitigate risks

4. Database and Data Viewing

Intertek’s BOM assessment services are backed by a leading edge database. The Intertek database, Treefrog, is an object oriented data storage and viewing system designed to meet the requirements of REACH SVHC, RoHS, Japan Green, and IPC-1752. During a BOM assessment, the daily progress can be viewed through a secure HTML interface.

5. Technical Consulting

Intertek’s health and environmental experts have extensive experience working with hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers across a broad range of industries. To meet the complicated demands of environmental compliance, Intertek has developed strong consulting services to provide guidance on mitigating risk.

6. Ongoing Services

Intertek’s services are structured for long term compliance and support. Intertek’s data system is adaptable, structured for easy additional new parts and products, and has an object oriented approach able to produce a range of output formats necessary to meet evolved product and IT standards. 

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