REACH sameness testing and analysis services through high quality spectral and chromatographic data to confirm identity and composition

REACH sameness testing is required when co-registrants need to determine if the substances they wish to register under REACH are the same as the Lead Registrant.

To achieve a robust REACH sameness assessment, detailed chemical information and analytical data are required in line with the principals of Guidance for identification and naming of substances under REACH and CLP and with the Substance Identification Profile (SIP), as published by the lead registrant.

When you join a preSIEF you need to test your substance to check that it matches with the lead registrant in terms of composition and min/max parameters. There may be named impurities with threshold levels that impact classification and labeling.

Our REACH testing laboratories conduct sameness testing programs which establish the substance identification and sameness. By applying our wide range of analytical instrumentation our REACH scientists include high quality spectral data to confirm the substance structure and identity. We perform chromatographic analysis to determine chemical purity including the main components, presence of essential additives with a semi-quantitative determination of the percentage levels for each component present in substances. We can also develop methods towards identifying named impurities present in the substance and determine the percentage levels of these in the sample.

Our laboratory staff are experts in analytical sciences and can provide detailed interpretation of the experimental data and, where required, justification of the selection of methods utilized and the reported data. Additionally we also determine molecular weight and optical activity (for chiral isomers), where required.

The sameness data we generate will allow you to assess whether you can register jointly with other companies, and which SIEF is the correct one to join.

The insight we bring through our REACH testing packages can also help you to come to a decision whether substances meet the REACH criteria as mono-constituent or multi-constituent  and help you to understand better substances of unknown or variable composition, complex reaction products or Biological materials (UVCBs).

Our REACH teams have assisted many global clients to successfully demonstrate the sameness of their substances giving them confidence in their reach compliance activities. 

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