REACH substance identification for gas substances (substance ID) through expert Raman spectroscopy analysis and testing

REACH Substance identification testing for a gas is required if you wish to register a gaseous substance under REACH. This analysis must be conducted with appropriate analytical techniques as described in the ECHA’s Guidance for identification and naming of substances under REACH and CLP.

To meet the substance ID requirements for gases can present challenges as the majority of the typical spectroscopy techniques or chromatographic techniques mentioned by ECHA are not particularly useful for gases. 

Alternatively, Raman spectroscopy has a lot to offer in this respect, providing similar, but complementary information to FTIR spectroscopy, which is an established and accepted tool for REACH registration test data generation.

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Applications of Raman Spectroscopy: Support for REACH Registration of Gases
Author: Neil Everall BSc PhD CChem FRSC Vibrational Spectroscopy 

Our REACH substance identification laboratories provide Raman spectral testing which is an ideal tool to provide a unique fingerprint for confirming molecular structure and analysing gases suitable for REACH registration requirements.

By using both FTIR and Raman spectroscopy we offer a REACH gas substance analytical toolkit that is sensitive to different molecular species and structures, optimizing the chemical information we can obtain for your gas substance. In addition, other ECHA approved techniques (notably GC and GC-MS) are applied to fully characterize a gas for REACH purposes, in particular for detecting trace components.

With scientists who are experienced in structural elucidation, purity and impurity testing, GLP physico-chemical, sameness testing, residues testing, UVCB testing our chemical analysis services  have played a key role in registration dossiers supporting the previous REACH deadlines for multiple clients around the world as part of our comprehensive suite of REACH testing and Consulting solution.

Beyond REACH, our analytical expertise is applied to a wide range of client requirements helping companies to comply with regulations, accelerate product development or resolve manufacturing or contamination issues.

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