REACH Data Sharing and Compensation Services

Intertek provides end-to-end solutions for REACH data sharing and compensation.

REACH data holders have an obligation to share toxicological evaluations and vertebrate test data with the lead registrant of a substance. Most data holders do not have the resources to meet these requirements, especially for products having a reduced business interest, are trading in low volumes or are even obsolete. So how does a company meet the requirement for sharing data under the EU REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Substances – EC1907/2006) and at the same time ensure they will be properly compensated?

Intertek provides a global network of REACH centers, SIEF experts, and regulatory experts to enable sharing of data. We will provide approved compensation term arrangements, as set out by the REACH guidance and other related compensation agreements. Intertek will employ qualified resources that you may not have to evaluate the quality of data, communicate with the proper stakeholders, and put in place the correct compensation agreement for this data.

In turn, REACH registrants will obtain the quality data they need, data-holders will be properly compensated for the data they provide, and all stakeholders will see a substantially reduced need for vertebrate testing in the registration process.

Talk to the experts in practical REACH compliance. Let Intertek help you unlock the value from your available laboratory studies.

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