Our Integrated Food Management System (IFMS) offers an agile solution to the food industry by deploying an in-depth risk-oriented monitoring plan and effective traceability process throughout the supply chain.

In the current marketplace there is a strong need for a robust and reliable supplier verification and qualification system which provides confidence to all parties involved along the supply chain. Retailers and consumers alike want confirmation that the food they buy and consume is safe, meets all necessary quality requirements and is true to the product label, regardless or where it was grown, raised or processed. Evidence shows that this can only be achieved through an unwavering commitment to food safety and consistency in maintaining product quality.

IFMS works by introducing a series of preventative measures such as unannounced inspection and auditing, as well as specially designed sampling and testing procedures. It addresses the challenges of today's food industry by offering innovative methods to identify and prevent risks to consumer health and increase confidence. Consumer awareness and traceability throughout the supply chain are key factors in achieving those goals. The answer to ever-growing threats to global food supplies and the necessity to protect against fraud, counterfeiting and terrorism lies behind a commitment to transparency and a path towards a universal qualification and certification system.

By working with us to implement an IFMS in your business, you will benefit from:

  • Integrated and holistic solutions for the food supply chain as a whole
  • An increase in consumer confidence through offering independent and impartial assessments and unannounced audits
  • The opportunity to minimise the risks of recalls and food fraud through effective traceability

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