Food Additives and Food Enzymes Services

Intertek provides scientific and regulatory support for compliance for food additives, enzymes, and flavourings.

On January 12, 2010, Regulation (EC) No 1331/2008 of the European Parliament came into force. To protect human health, this EU Regulation established a common authorisation procedure for food additives and food enzymes.  Regulation (EC) No 1331/2008 establishes a Community list of approved food enzymes. All new and existing food enzymes must undergo an authorization procedure prior to inclusion on the Community list. The information required for a dossier submission varies depending on the nature of the food enzyme, intended use, history of consumption and estimated exposure.

Food Additive and Enzymes Services

Intertek’s extensive global resources include a dedicated team of experts in all areas of dossier preparation (regulatory, chemistry and manufacturing, intakes modeling, and toxicology) for food additives and food enzymes. Let us facilitate your submissions to meet EFSA requirements and pre-empt regulatory concerns or questions. 

Our services include:

  • Identification of the appropriate regulatory strategy and data requirements for a submission
  • Conducting a feasibility assessment and providing recommendations for generation of information for identified technical and scientific data gaps
  • Preparing dossiers for submission to regulatory agencies for approval of use of an enzyme in the European Union
  • Providing stewardship of applications through the complex scientific review by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and regulatory procedures (The European Commission and Member States) to approval 
  • Enzyme analytical data requirements:  
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