International Japanese Food and Beverage Regulatory and Scientific Consulting

We offer food and beverage regulatory consulting solutions to help companies successfully enter the Japanese market and/or export their products from Japan to international markets.

Our Japan food and beverage regulatory and scientific consulting team provides international support to bridge the complexities of unique food regulations that exist across the globe.

We help customers expand the access of their existing products to the Japanese market and comply with Japanese regulations for new product development. We also assist companies based in Japan who are interested in entering other international markets. Our services provide a complete solution for food companies from gap analysis (verifying whether your data is sufficient) to preparation of application and notification documents for ingredient approval.

The Intertek Advantage

Intertek has a team of multilingual experts fluent in both English and Japanese to provide regulatory consulting for non-Japanese food companies, as well as Japanese companies expanding internationally. Our team has the experience and the proven track record of success to provide comprehensive solutions for Japan market entry and compliance. Japanese food and beverage companies seeking to market their products internationally, such as in the United States and EU, benefit from our local office support that connects directly with our global Food and Nutrition team.

Our local Japan office assists with Japanese food and beverage market access and translation for international compliance. Services are customized to each client’s needs and business objectives, and solutions cover all stages of the product life cycle. From pre-market research and development, to approvals and notifications to gain market entry and post-market compliance, our Japan office offers a comprehensive solution to food and beverage companies.

Our services include:

  • Food or Drug Consultation (similar to Novel Foods concept)
  • Application for new designated food additives
  • Application for genetically modified food additives, highly purified food additives, and genome editing 
  • Prior consultation for foods importation; compliance check (e.g., manufacturing process, food additives, food processing aids, specifications, food labelling, etc.)
  • Systematic review and clinical study review 
  • Dossier preparation for food with health claims such as Food with Functional Claims (FFC) notification and Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) application
  • Other services: regulatory assessment, feasibility assessment for each application, intakes assessment based on Japanese data, literature search for safety and efficacy, search data based on FFC database, scientific food regulatory support
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Need help or have a question?

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