The rise in online food ordering and delivery means potential new problems related to food safety.

The preparation of food in a cloud kitchen or other commissary kitchen models is causing some challenges.

Several examples include:

  • Staff won’t be interacting with guests or getting tips, feedback on quality and customer expectations
  • Hiring on-demand staff
  • Food quality and food safety
  • Local regulation and licensure

How can your kitchen ensure that your customers get the same health and safety assurances that a traditional restaurant provides?

Intertek’s Food Safety Assurance solutions can help maintain the health and safety of employees, delivery drivers, and customers, while allowing for operations to remain open for business. We offer programs such as:

360° Brand Assurance Solutions

Complete and reliable brand reputation audit program. It targets two pillars of brand reputation: customer satisfaction and health and safety risk management. By focusing on these key factors, we can help identify critical areas of improvement:

  • E-reputation visibility
  • Order process evaluation
  • Delivery logistics experience
  • Production and delivery safety
  • Packaging, transportation, and sustainability evaluation
  • Quality, safety, and product evaluation
  • Quality concept development and monitoring
  • Staff Training (online & remote) for food safety, quality and service

Mystery Ordering Services

Intertek can help improve your business with a 360 vision of your site from e-reputation to on site evaluation of customer service, overall experience, and hygiene evaluation. Our service is tailored for food service industries including hotels, stores, bakeries, retail, fast food chains, coffee shops and restaurant chains. By choosing mystery ordering services, you are improving your online reputation and order process evaluation, in addition to gaining more information about delivery logistics, production and delivery safety, packaging, transportation, sustainability, quality, safety, and product evaluation.

Food Hygiene Control Program and Stores and Restaurants Hygiene Inspections

Global consistency standard for both domestic and international brands, providing consumers with a meaningful comparison, by an independent food safety auditor, to check food premises, staff practices and products are compliant with food hygiene best practices. They also inspect food packaging, transportation, sustainability, quality, safety, and product evaluation. They also offer both online and remote staff training for food, quality and service.


Intertek Alchemy delivers the solutions you need to empower your frontline workforce to make a measurable impact on food safety, quality, and service. Our integrated training, communication, and reinforcement programs are built for the specific needs of food and restaurants.

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