Analytical testing solutions to ensure the quality and regulatory compliance of a wide variety of dietary supplements, botanicals and natural products

Intertek Champaign Laboratory specializes in analytical testing to assess nutraceuticals or supplements, botanicals, and natural products for quality and regulatory compliance. Through our extensive expertise in analytical chemistry, botanical chemistry, analytical biochemistry, and microbiology analysis, we offer analytical testing of functional foods, supplements, pharmaceutical products, and cosmetics.

Our comprehensive testing solutions, along with an in-depth understanding of regulatory requirements, provide total quality assurance across a product’s life cycle.

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    Dietary Nutrient, Supplement, and Functional Food Testing
    Regulatory consulting and analytical testing of nutritional products

    Nutraceutical and Natural Product Testing
    Ensure quality and regulatory compliance

    Natural Ingredient Identification
    Providing total quality assurance to the nutraceutical industry

    Nutraceutical Product Safety Testing
    Assurance of quality and purity of nutraceutical ingredients and products

    Cosmetic and Cosmeceutical Product Testing
    Ensuring quality, purity, and safety across the supply chain

    Nutraceutical and Functional Food Adulteration Services
    Ensuring quality and purity in food products

    Nutraceutical LC-MS Analytical Services
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