Join our experts for a webinar covering melamine analysis for imported food and related products detained by the FDA

As importation of food products increases, the number of potentially unsafe and adulterated products detained at the border by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) will likely increase. These products may need analytical testing to prove they meet US regulatory requirements and are safe for human and animal consumption before being released from detention and entering the market.

Intertek has established experience in melamine analysis to address FDA detention in food, infant formula, animal feed and related raw ingredients. Register now to learn how Intertek can help with the detention process, from sample collection to testing to analytical report submittal to the FDA.

This webinar discusses the:

  • importance of analytical testing of your imported products to meet US regulatory requirements 
  • types of tests available to address FDA detention in food
  • steps performed by Intertek when products are detained


Presenter: Noah Morgan, Key Account Manager, Intertek Champaign Laboratories

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