Melamine analysis for imported food and related products detained by the FDA

According to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) website, imports of food and related products have been increasing by 5-10 percent every year for the past decade. The rising trend of importation increases the likelihood that unsafe or adulterated products will be detained entry into US commerce until the FDA has determined their admissibility. These products often need analytical testing to prove they meet US regulatory requirements and are safe for human and animal consumption before entering the marketplace.

Intertek has established experience in melamine analysis to address FDA detention in food, infant formula, animal feed and related raw ingredients. Our services include onsite sample collection, lab analysis of melamine and melamine derivatives, method development, full validation, report preparation and direct report submission to the FDA.

The speed and quality of our testing and reporting capabilities will help to move your products, whether imported from abroad or produced domestically, through the approval process, getting them to the marketplace faster. Also, our direct interaction with the FDA will help to put your mind at ease knowing that we are working directly with the source to get the detention issues resolved.

Intertek’s Melamine FDA Detention Services provide total quality assurance expertise for all your imported FDA-regulated food and related products.

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