A Restricted Substance Compliance Assurance System (CAS) Solution for regulatory compliance

The Challenge
Health and environmental regulations such as REACH, RoHS, and California Proposition 65 will require immediate action by retailers, manufacturers, and distributors, who need to ensure that their products comply in order to be sold. How do you address a cost-effective path towards compliance and an efficient implementation into your Quality Management System?

Your Objective
Ensuring you sustain or develop a competitive advantage by implementation of an effective restricted substance management program, while insuring environmental compliance for your products. This will eliminate negative business impact, such as loss of sales, product recall, and obsolete inventory.

Your Solution
Intertek offers customers a complete restricted substance Compliance Assurance System (CAS) Solution. Our experts will come to your location and spend a minimum of 2 days developing a CAS program matching your needs. We will address:

  • Review of restricted substance legislation relevant to your business and product lines
  • A gap assessment of any existing approaches you have implemented, including:
    • Review of process and quality management systems in place
    • Review of implementation measures necessary to comply
    • Training of your Quality Management team on a customized CAS solution
    • Assessment of Risk in the supply chain
  • Training to perform risk-based product assessments and a test plan for your products
    • Includes screening by handheld XRF
    • How to take samples from actual products
    • Definition of high risk materials and/or components

Upon completion of the training program, you will receive an Intertek CAS Certificate that will demonstrate to your customers that you have successfully completed the program.

In Summary
Intertek enables you to implement an effective means to deal with the challenge of managing restricted substances while efficiently utilizing your current quality management system. We do more than simply help your company comply, we provide the competitive advantages you need.

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