We offer customizable regulatory training sessions to assist companies in understanding and complying with health and environmental regulations.

Health and environmental legislation will require compliance by manufacturers, retailers, brand managers, traders, and distributors across the globe. EU RoHS, China RoHS, REACH, and California Prop 65 are examples of such requirements that have already been imposed with more to come in the near future. Where do you get training on global legislation for today and tomorrow?

Intertek provides public and private seminars and company-specific regulatory training for local, regional, and global restricted substances legislation. Our green seminars provide executive overviews including the impact of legislation, detailed legislative briefings, detailed technical briefings, solutions strategies, or identification of the implementation process to be compliant. Contact Intertek today to discuss your specific corporate regulatory educational requirements.

Intertek Regulatory Training available includes:


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Implementation Deadline: JAN 1, 2018
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