End-To-End Quality Assurance Solutions for Marketplaces, Social Media Platforms, and Online Stores

The vast reach of online retail markets can make it difficult to validate vendors’ legitimacy and their adherence to regulatory compliance. This hurdle can make it challenging for platform providers to ensure many of the products sold are meeting the requirements for quality standards and marketing claims. Consequently, customer service, inventory management, and traceability drawbacks can occur and be overlooked.

Developed by Intertek’s global experts for marketplaces, social media platforms, and online stores, “Intertek Total eCommerce Assurance” is a fully integrated portfolio of assurance, testing, inspection, and certification (ATIC) services. The scope of our eCommerce assurance solution covers your supply chains end-to-end to give complete peace of mind. At each point of your supply chain operation, Intertek assures product safety, quality, and sustainability performances through tailored resolutions for marketplaces, social media platforms, and online stores.

We have the expertise to provide several solutions within Total eCommerce Assurance to ensure cybersecurity, anti-counterfeit, sustainability, and transparency.


  • End-to-end solution that instills confidence in vendor and product quality.
  • Improved customer experience and minimized risk of receiving inferior or unqualified products.
  • World-class laboratories and inspection services that ensure product authenticity.

Anti-Counterfeit Surveillance Program Flyer

The global counterfeit market represents 3.3% of global trade, leading to a loss of some 30 billion USD in the clothing market alone in 2020. The shift of consumer habits towards online shopping creates more avenues for counterfeit products to reach consumers, presenting challenges for brands to protect their top line and reputation.

Total E-Commerce Assurance Solutions

More than two billion people purchased goods or services online in 2020, driving eCommerce sales to more than $4.3 trillion globally. The need to ensure the quality and authenticity of products and sellers is pressing as counterfeit goods, substandard products, and dishonest sellers are found everywhere online.

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