Intertek offers GB 18401-2010 testing and compliance expertise to assure your clothes and decorative textiles sold in China meet this standard’s requirements to control hazardous substances in textile products, improve textile product quality, ensure people's basic safety and health and to enforce the general safety and technical specifications.

Intertek’s Total Quality Assurance solutions include comprehensive GB testing and expertise to ensure your textile and apparel products comply with GB 18401-2010. The standard divides all textile products into three categories: Infant products, skin contact products and non-skin contact products. Products are assessed in comparison with the specific technical requirements listed in the below table. Infant products should comply with the requirement of Type A, skin contact products should at least comply with Type B and non-skin contact should at least comply with Type C. All components that make up an infant product shall meet the Type A technical requirements as specified by the table below, The component less than 1% of the whole weight of non-infant products can be exempted from testing.

Technical Requirements


Claim of Product Compliance

The rule explicitly requires that infant products must be marked with 'Infant Product' in Chinese on the label. Other products shall include the safety code with which the product complies. Because the labeling requirement must be met for product compliance, manufacturers need to ensure their products are properly labeled in order to sell them in China and avoid losses.

It is recommended that product’s safety code shall be put together with the instructions on product packaging, on a hang tag or other forms of labels. For infant products, the safety code is suggested to be marked after the product name. For other products, it can be marked after the executive product standard number or other places.

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China's national mandatory standards, commonly known as China GB standards, are concerned with human health, safety, and hygiene from various products or high-risk product categories. All products produced and sold in China or imported to China must comply with China's mandatory standards.

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