In addition to design, quality and functionality are key factors that consumers take into consideration when purchasing eyewear

Though consumers’ intended-use of eyewear may vary, from the ability to see printed words clearer to protection against prolong exposure to the sun and other environmental elements, there is a common goal to protect your eyes.

Intertek’s expertise spans the globe. With our state-of-the-art laboratories and innovative test methods, Intertek can assist you in complying with international standards established for the following pieces of eyewear:

Ski Goggles – Intertek helps to evaluate your ski goggles against standard EN 174:2001, Personal Eye-Protection – ski goggles for downhill skiing, which is listed as Class 1 Personal Protective Equipment under the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC.

Sunglasses – Intertek offers testing for transmittance properties, optical powers, scattered light, material and surface quality, robustness, resistance to radiation and more for non-prescription sunglasses and fashion eyewear.

Reading Spectacles and Spectacle Frames – Intertek has the ability to test your ready-to-wear spectacles to EN 14139:2010, ophthalmic optics – specifications for ready-to-wear spectacles.  In addition, Intertek can also test your spectacle frames to standard EN ISO 12870:2009 – ophthalmic optics – spectacle frames.

PPE Eyewear Testing – Intertek offers safety goggle and face shield testing and certification to support manufacturers, distributors, and retailers ensure compliance with various industry requirements and standards.

What is InterLink?

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Protective Eyewear Testing

Owing to the global outbreak of COVID-19 in a short period, companies stepped up their production of protective eyewear including safety goggles and face shields. Professional quality assurance is critical to ensure product quality and safety.

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