Since the outbreak of COVID-19, sub-standard and counterfeit masks, as well as fraudulent testing reports have plagued the market, following skyrocketing demand for masks. Mask manufacturers and retailers are seeking solutions to demonstrate product quality and compliance as a point of differentiation. Meanwhile, consumers are craving for a trusted source of information.

Demand for medical face masks and respirators and community masks continues to grow as the pandemic lingers. Mask products are critical for protection, but it is often difficult for wearers to identify safe and quality mask products when the market is plagued with substandard lookalikes. Very often, wearers trust the claims on the packaging of masks without any means to validate them. In addition, buyers of these critical supplies are sometimes provided with incomplete or even fraudulent testing reports that are claimed to be issued by authorized parties. There is even news of governments or importers having procured substandard PPE as they have relied on inaccurate or misleading information.

Intertek Solution – Mask Label Program

Intertek has developed an innovative Mask Label Program to support our customers in communicating the verified quality and performance attributes of mask products, including medical masks, respirators and community masks, to their stakeholders through a trusted tool. The Mask Label Program also helps to promote quality and increase traceability of mask products on the market. The Mask Label Program is a voluntary program free of charge for Intertek customers who have tested their mask products at our PPE Centres of Excellence (CoE) and fulfilled all mandatory test or recommended requirements of international or national standards or guidance.

Under the program, a mask label showing the testing standard or the guidance and the classification attained (if any), together with a unique QR code that links to the mask information on our PPE CoE Directory, will be granted to successful applicants with an aim to help them promote the visibility of tested performance of their mask products through third party verification.

See below for the types of mask labels that the program offers.

Intertek Mask Labels

From left to right: medical mask, respirator, community mask


  • A trusted tool to showcase verified quality and performance attributes of your mask products to give peace of mind to consumers
  • Differentiate your quality products from other masks in the market through third-party testing and verification
  • Instant access to verified mask information with a scan of QR code
  • Increase traceability of your mask products
  • Increase business opportunities by listing your products in the Intertek PPE CoE Directory

Our PPE Centres of Excellence offer Total Quality Assurance solutions to support the sourcing, procurement, manufacturing and R&D activities for masks. Contact our experts today to learn more.

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