The COVID-19 pandemic has created a surge in demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) – like face masks, respirators, surgical gowns, gloves, safety goggles, face shields and hand sanitizer – for both professional and public use. This newsletter highlights developments related to COVID-19 PPE, like Intertek service innovations, regulatory updates, product recalls and Intertek PPE resources.

PPE News Flash: Volume 9

Intertek PPE Centres of Excellence; PPE Recall Cases & Safety Alerts; PPE Webinars; Intertek Mask Label Program

PPE News Flash: Volume 8

PPE Summit Webinar Sessions; Government Makes it Simpler for Businesses to Apply UKCA Marking – January 2023 Update; Ski Goggles Testing Solutions; EEOC Issues New Workplace Guidance Regarding COVID-19 Testing; NIOSH Respiratory Protective Device Information Update – June 2022

PPE News Flash: Volume 7

Intertek PPE Summit Webinar; Swimming Aids (PPE) Total Quality Assurance Solutions; Intertek Protective Eyewear TQA Solutions; 2021 and Q1 EU Safety Alerts; UK and North America Regulation News

PPE News Flash: Volume 6

Intertek PPE Centres of Excellence; Intertek Safety Footwear TQA Solutions; Intertek Protective Eyewear TQA Solutions; FDA Outlines Post-Pandemic Plan for Medical Devices Now Marketed Under Special COVID Rules; AHS PPE Taskforce Guidance

PPE News Flash: Volume 5

US CDC Updates Guidance for Masks and Respirators; More Intertek PPE Centres of Excellence accredited for ASTM F3502; EU Safety Gate notifications; Spain Hygienic Mask regulatory update

PPE News Flash: Volume 4

Testing Requirements for PPE Gloves; Protective Apparel Testing; Face Mask Fit Testing; US CDC Updates Mask Guidance; Intro to Safety PPE Testing & Certification webinar

PPE News Flash: Volume 3

Intertek Offers COVID-19 PPE Solutions; EU Safety Gate notifications; U.S. Customers and Border Protection Trade and Counterfeit Seizures; Regulatory Requirements for Face Shields & Safety Goggles

PPE News Flash: Volume 2

Intertek Launches Mask Label Program; Health Canada Safety Alert; ASTM International Publishes New Standard for Barrier Face Coverings (US); French Authorities Publish New Face Mask Decree nº 2021-76

PPE News Flash: Volume 1

Intertek PPE Centres of Excellence established worldwide; Safety Gate (Previously called RAPEX); WHO Updates Guidance on the Use of PPE During the COVID-19 Pandemic; Update on UK Community Face Covering Specification

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