Intertek PPE News

Intertek Launches Mask Label Program
Intertek has developed an innovative Mask Label Program to support our customers in communicating the verified quality and performance attributes of mask products to their constituents through a trusted tool. The Mask Label Program also helps to promote regulatory compliance and increase traceability of mask products on the market.

Mask Labels

PPE Recall Cases & Safety Alerts

Health Canada
Health Canada has issued a safety alert for face masks that contain graphene, a novel nanomaterial that has antiviral and antibacterial properties, because inhalation of graphene may pose health risks.

Regulatory Updates

ASTM International Publishes New Standard for Barrier Face Coverings (US)
The first standard of its kind, ASTM F3502 Safety Specifications for Barrier Face Coverings is intended to cover general consumer face coverings and explicitly excludes face masks (medical masks) for use in healthcare settings that are regulated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), as well as respirators intended to be used as personal protective equipment (PPE) in workplace environments requiring NIOSH approval.

French Authorities Publish New Face Mask Decree nº 2021-76
French authorities published Decree n° 2021-76 in response to the challenges faced due to new variants of the COVID-19 virus that have been identified in Europe. The Decree is to ensure that consumers are informed about masks that are suitable for protection against the COVID-19 pandemic.

BSI Flex 5555 Community Face Covering Specification Updated to Version 2 (UK)
The updated version will supersede version 1, effective March 2021. It provides a specification for community face covering intended for the general public including design, performance, test method used, packaging and labeling.

Spain Drafts Order on Hygienic Face Masks
The draft legislation is intended to establish information and marketing requirements for hygienic face masks or community face coverings and accessories, however, for surgical masks or PPE respirators, manufacturers should refer to related EU regulations or directives for compliance. This order requires certain labelling information to be in Spanish so mask products can be placed on the market.

Intertek PPE Resources

Webinar: Performance, Quality & Safety Requirements for Consumer Face Masks
Join us to learn about key testing requirements, like those related to barrier performance and breathability, for mask standards and guidance that exist throughout Europe and the United States.

Technical Fact Sheet: Life Cycle Assessment for Surgical Gowns
Download our technical fact sheet to learn more about our Full Life Cycle Assessment for Surgical Gowns solution, as well as U.S. Food and Drug Administration 510(k) submission requirements and other functional, physical, chemical and performance testing requirements.

Video: Disposable Face Mask Inspection 101
Face mask inspection is important to ensure the quality of masks before they are transported to their destination. Learn about some of the common inspection checks that are conducted specifically for disposable face masks.

Video: Respirator & Face Mask Certification Testing
Learn about our face mask certification testing services, including NIOSH pre-certification for respirators and testing to ASTM standards for face masks. We can help you understand regulatory requirements, and evaluate your PPE products for safety and performance.