Intertek PPE News

PPE Summit Webinar Sessions
PPE Summit videos are available for viewing on-demand! Intertek’s subject matter experts give tools and critical considerations for product development, testing, and certification in the UK/EU and US markets. Topics cover PPE eyewear, footwear, masks, and textiles. Please see our resources section at the bottom of this newsletter to find sessions.

Government Makes it Simpler for Businesses to Apply UKCA Marking – January 2023 Update
The UK government announced the latest update to UK’s conformity mark for products manufactured for and imported into the GB market. The changes to the requirements include rules that apply to businesses using the CE mark and apply to England, Scotland, and Wales territories.

Ski Goggles Testing Solutions
Our advanced testing facilities can test ski goggles against national and international standards and ensure high-quality safety and performance.

Regulatory Updates

EEOC Issues New Workplace Guidance Regarding COVID-19 Testing
Under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), an employer, as a mandatory screening measure, may administer a COVID-19 viral test when evaluating an employee's presence in the workplace.

NIOSH Respiratory Protective Device Information Update – June 2022
Effective immediately, the 14 active FFR PHE and five active PAPR PHE approvals are obsolete. Obsoleted respirators are no longer permitted to be manufactured by the approval holder but can continue to be sold, used, and recognized as NIOSH-approved.

Intertek PPE Resources

PPE Webinars
We have compiled a list of recent webinars addressing PPE product development challenges and regulatory needs. View our on-demand videos that specify insights and critical considerations for several PPE products.

Medical Gown Testing
Medical gowns are essential to protecting, preventing, and preparing against hazardous exposure. Our testing capability covers non-surgical and occupational gowns to assure product compliance with U.S., Asia, and EU market requirements.

Disposable Glove Testing
Intertek has a wide range of disposable glove testing capabilities to support manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in ensuring your disposable gloves comply with industry and performance standards. Learn about the disposable gloves’ services and key testing capabilities.