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Do you know about Intertek's PPE Centre of Excellence? Our PPE testing capabilities and established PPE Centres of Excellence in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Taiwan, India, Bangladesh (via Beximco partnership), Singapore, the United States, and Guatemala, providing a one-stop-shop ATIC solution for masks and gowns.

PPE Recall Cases & Safety Alerts

The Safety Gate is a rapid alert system that enables a quick exchange of information between EU members about products posing a risk to the health and safety of consumers. The basis is established according to General Product Safety Directives 2001/95/EC (GPSD) and publishes a weekly report.

From Jan 1, 2022, until late Oct there were 44 notifications related to filtering masks not performing as claimed. The most common failure with these two categories of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is not being certified by the appropriate notified body or product do not performing as claimed. One notification found a re-useable mask could not retain the claimed filtering function after washing.

Chart depicting the number of notifications for filtered masks and disposable gloves
Chart depicting the breakdown of non-comformance

The recall cases demonstrate the importance of testing the face mask or re-useable mask to ensure the product meets the standard performance requirements and maintains durability with correct labelling.

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View our list of PPE webinars that address product development challenges and best practices. Simply sign up to view the recording by clicking on each link.

  1. Face Masks (Medical Masks, Respirators, Community Masks)
  2. Protective Clothing, Protective Gloves, Safety Footwear
  3. Protective Eyewear and Safety Helmet
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Intertek Mask Label Program
Our innovative Mask Label Program support our customers in communicating the verified quality and performance of mask products. Under the program, a mask label showing the testing standard, or the guidance and the classification attained (if any), has a unique QR code that links to the mask information on our PPE CoE Directory.