Intertek offers testing and evaluation services for home furnishings and furniture products from crystal vases to sofabeds.

Families today decorate their homes more than in the past. Many decorations change with the seasons, like Christmas and Halloween.  Many decorations, like vases, ceramic figures, picture frames, and clocks remain in place all year. Whether decorations are seasonal or permanent, consumers are often unaware of their potential dangers. Reliable performance and material test results can help minimize such potential dangers, and ensure the safety and quality of the decorative items.

Performance Tests

  • Drop Test 
  • Sharp Point / Sharp Edge Test – To assess the risk of laceration and puncture hazards and injuries due to sharp end points and edges of the item and its accessories. 
  • Tension Test 
  • Impact Test 
  • Compression Test

Flammability Tests

To ensure that decorations like lights, festival candles, and candleholders are resistant to heat and fire.

Material Tests

Chemical tests are performed to assess the content of hazardous substances in surface coatings like lead in paint and the cleanliness of stuffing materials.

Inspection Services 

  • Small Parts - to assess the risks of choking hazards to children 
  • Product Design - to review whether potential dangers and product defects exist 
  •  Labeling - to ensure there is appropriate labeling with caution statements, usage instructions, choking hazards, age labeling, hazardous materials labeling 
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