All new furniture on display and supplied to consumers should carry appropriate display and permanent labels, with compliance information and cautionary statements.

Intertek provides the following inspection services for every piece of furniture imaginable:

  • Assembly Checks
  • Colors
  • Finishings
  • Product Design
  • Packaging
  • Appropriate Label Assessments

Intertek has an international reputation for providing independent third-party inspection and testing services. But our service offering does not simply start and stop with inspection of the product alone. Intertek can inspect your entire supply chain at all stages of development from the sourcing factory, manufacturing process, to final delivery.

We can inspect at every stage and angle of your business process offering:

  • Factory Evaluations
  • Pre-Production Inspections - Our inspectors are available to inspect by random sampling the raw materials and components to be used in production.
  • During Production Inspections - As soon as the first goods leave the product lines, our inspectors are there to check for any defects or deviations from quality parameters, and to suggest practical and effective ways in which these can be rectified in the production process.
  • Final Random Inspections - The pre-shipment inspection takes place when the merchandise is completed, packed and ready for shipment. Our inspectors pull a random sample of finished goods, based on internationally recognized statistical random sampling techniques. We verify quantity, workmanship, function, color, size specifications and packing details, all with a view to ensure that the contract specifications are met.
  • supervision of Loadings

By employing an independent inspection and testing partner like Intertek, quality concerns will be identified and controlled at the very source. 

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