Enhance your company's brand value and competitive advantage with Toy Safety Certification Services from Intertek

Our Toy Safety Certification program developed for toys and juvenile products pays particular attention to the legislative intent and context of new mandatory third-party certification requirements. Concurrently, we strive to remain adaptable to changes in toy safety standards for both federal requirements and international markets. Intertek is the first to provide a toy certification program, which strategically meets the goals of businesses, consumer concerns, and regulatory requirements by:

  • Addressing the root causes of the 2007 recall;
  • Ensuring alignment with new mandatory requirements;
  • Ensuring immediate availability for implementation; and
  • Ensuring effectiveness and user-friendliness through simple program design.

The program includes the following essential elements:

  • Documentation Review (Quality System Desktop Auditing)
  • Pre-production testing
  • Random sampling and batch testing
  • Licensing
  • Market Surveillance Testing of product collected from retail store shelves

InterLink™ delivers Total Quality Assurance by providing centralized insight into your sourcing operations and supply chain’s testing and inspection activities, to enhance visibility into complex production cycles. 

Our online platform enables users to submit testing and inspection requests, manage reporting, and conduct performance analysis from anywhere, at any time, delivering convenience and enabling efficiency.

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