The industry leader in the Testing of Premiums and Promotional Products

Intertek understands the compliance and safety challenges faced by retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers. We can help safeguard your company’s reputation and products through our comprehensive premiums and promotional products safety testing

Intertek’s rapid response times and tailor-made solutions help our customers bring new products to market faster, while building confidence in the integrity of their supply chains. Intertek’s in-depth expertise in premiums and promotional products testing enables us to help the industry take active steps to overcome these challenges and proactively protect both consumers and the overall global marketplace.

Intertek laboratories have gained international accreditation from major industry associations and accreditation bodies, and our testing services are widely recognized by many governments and authorities. Intertek conducts premiums testing in accordance with national and international principal safety requirements and standards, such as ASTM, BS, DIN, EN, FDA, ISO NF, and others. Intertek’s comprehensive premiums testing services encompass a wide variety of promotional and branded items, including:

We can help you gain consumer confidence by certifying that your premiums and promotional products meet the strictest safety and quality criteria across the globe. We can also help reduce internal costs, assess potential risks and improve overall manufacturing processes and efficiencies, so your business can thrive in challenging markets.

In addition to testing services, Intertek also offers risk assessment services to help you pursue essential safety from initial concept to final design. Learn more.

In addition to the premiums testing solutions stated above, Intertek also offers a full suite of services for each and every chemical found in your product including toxicity assessments, chemical certification and quality assurance solutions.

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